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"This book is recommended reading. It is highly recommended to fans of wrestling history, territorial wrestling and essential reading to those who are fans of Memphis wrestling. It is also recommended for non-wrestling fans who are interested in influential people in and around Tennessee and or women in sport history." Full review

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Fight Talk

Brennon is the author of the biographical novel, "Teeny": Professional Wrestling's Grand Dame about Christine Jarrett. "Teeny" is the grandmother of Jeff Jarrett & mother of Jerry Jarrett and the book is full of interesting stories. Brennon and I talk about the book, Jim Cornette, Jerry Lawler, old school pro wrestling, & more! Listen now on (iTunes) or (Google Play)

PWTorch Livecast Wrestling Road Stories

She’s the mother of Memphis Wrestling and the famous Jarrett Family. Brennon Martin tells stories about his grandmother Christine Jarrett in his book about her life: “Teeny: Professional Wrestling’s Grand Dame.” Christine Jarrett is the mother of Jerry Jarrett and the grandmother of Jeff Jarrett. Brennon talks about how his grandmother ran several arenas on the Memphis wrestling circuit, taking tickets, promoting, selling pictures, and managing a crew of wrestlers. He has stories about Jerry Lawler, George Gulas, and the origins of Jim Cornette. Christine Jarrett’s influence is still felt today. Listen now

PWInsider with Mike Johnson

Brennon Martin discusses 'Teeny', his book on his grandmother, the legendaryChristine Jarrett, her journey in the business, what led him to writing the book, what he learned about her, Christine breaking Jim Cornette into wrestling, Nick & George Gulas, why wrestlers feared CHristine Jarrett, the Gulas-Jarrett split and much more. Only available to members of

Rasslin Memories

Glen Braget chats with Brennon Martin, author of “Teeny”: Professional Wrestling’s Grand Dame. Brennon is the grandson of Christine “Teeny” Jarrett, legendary pro wrestling promoter and unsung pioneer in the industry. Glen and Brennon discuss the ups and downs of Christine’s 50 year career in wrestling and some of the interesting characters that made Memphis territory what it was. Listen now

6:05 Superpodcast

A podcast about classic pro wrestling hosted by The Great Brian Last.
Brennon Martin, grandson of legendary promoter Christine Jarrett, joins the show to discuss his new book Teeny: Professional Wrestling’s Grand Dame.  Brennon talks about why the book is called a biographical novel and the process he went through to put his grandmother’s story together.  We hear all about how Teeny got involved in the wrestling business, her relationships with Nick Gulas and Roy Welch, her “grip” and more!  We also hear about some George Gulas goofiness and Brennon clears up some of the rumors about Jerry Jarrett’s parentage. Listen now (Interview about "Teeny" begins at about 2:15:30)

Create the Visions, episode 1

Desperate Visions Productions founder Jason Rudy Interviews other creative artists about their newest works- book, film, music, painting, performance, match, etc. as part of "Create The Visions." In this premiere episode, Jason ventures to the 52nd annual Cauliflower Alley Club Reunion in Las Vegas, Nevada to interview me about "Teeny." 20 minutes. Watch now